Accent Global Staffing specializes in finding, hiring and placing highly experienced call center operations staff for small, medium and large call centers in Georgia

Professional Job Placement Agencies In Georgia. We Specialize In Call Centre Operation Staffing Services 

We are a full service employment consulting firm based in Georgia.  Your firm may have all the latest software and top-of-the-line technology, but none of that matters if you don't have the right agents. Your company depends on a good customer's experience with a call center as an important factor when deciding whether or not to continue doing business with a your organization. This is why hiring quality agents is so essential to meeting your customer's needs and exceeding their expectations.


Accent Global Staffing has the experience, capability to ensure that your company is staffed with Agents that:


  • Are creative problem-solvers

  • Have empathy

  • Well-organized

  • Have effective communication skills

  • Are always calm under pressure

  • Have good memory

  • Are always optimistic

  • Have excellent customer service skills

  • Are team players

  • Can make good decisions under situations of incomplete information and uncertainty


Our trained Agents enjoy teamwork and have demonstrated qualities like assertiveness and sociability. These kinds of agents can help to positively affect the atmosphere in your company's call center by boosting overall performance and morale.  We guarantee you will like our Call Centre Agents. Let us help you staff your call center operation today.