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Trust the Accent Global Staffing brand to help you find top quality workers.  They helped me get through recruiting huddles. 

Growing? Down-sizing? Looking for qualified, dependable and knowledgeable workers in your specific industry? We've got it!  We are a leading recruitment agency in Lawrenceville Georgia.  See why our clients love us.  

Because nothing energizes a growing company faster than talented, motivated,  employees. That's why you need Accent Global Staffing services today.  

Accent Global Staffing will give you the advantage to make it happen. We offer customized employee training programs to suit your company needs.

We are simply more than a staffing company.  See why our clients love us.  

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Get the facts!  We take the time to understand the staffing needs of our clients and the job candidates which is why we search for best fit for the company.  This is one way that we in fact make sure that the employee has a lasting relationship with our client. 

trust the Accent Global Staffing brand.  Give us a call today.