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Using a temp-to-perm staffing method is an excellent probationary tool for our clients.

No one wants to make a mistake when hiring a new employee. That's why many smart employers hire prospective employees on a temp-to-perm basis. Accent Global Staffing is a leading employment consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia with recognized expertise in finding top quality staff for area businesses. 

By evaluating an employee in your own company environment before making a job offer, you have the assurance of an in-depth evaluation before making the hiring commitment.

Ask about our personally tailored temporary temporary-to-permanent programs. 

Because Accent Global Staffing temporary help staff work only when you need them and we do all the required records, you'll eliminate most of the cost of additional employees from payroll taxes to vacations and fringe benefits. We have employees that are setup to work from home or at your location anytime.  Get the best help you need today.  Why wait?

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