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If you are not satisfied within any Accent Global Staffing employee, contact us within the first four hours of the assignment. We will withdraw the employee and promptly provide a replacement without additional cost. 

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Accent Global Staffing is the #1 Employment Agency in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Norcross, Duluth, Georgia. See for yourself.

Since 2013, Accent Global Staffing has been taking charge of some or all of their client company’s recruitment process. This means handling everything from advertising jobs, finding candidates, to interviewing them, and advising you in the final stages of your hiring decision including appropriate compensation for the successful candidate.   


We Offer Top Of The Line Staffing Services For Bottom Line Results:



At Accent Global Staffing, we pride ourselves on the fact that before we begin the temporary help selection process, we listen to our clients.  We understand that our clients want more than just skills, they want employees with productive, proactive attitude who quickly become part of the company team.  

Because we carefully match the right people with the right position, you can be assured of productive workers. Our temporary help staff is carefully evaluated for both aptitude and attitude. We evaluate previous work experience, related industry, skills, and abilities to reduce any uncertainty, assuring that both the client and worker are satisfied. 

By evaluating an employee in your own company environment bef0re making a job offer, you have the assurance of an in-depth evaluation before making the hiring commitment


Quality Assurance


We screen and reference-check all our employees. Step-by-step, we check to make sure you are satisfied. 

Employee Hiring Without The Risk


When you need to find top executives that have worked in your specific industry for years, Accent Global Staffing can help you find that executive faster and for less.  Our Certified Professional Recruiters are experts in providing cutting edge job placement services for both personal and corporate clients.

Rapid Response To Your Needs


Accent Global Staffing is read to place the people you need quickly and easily.  Within 60 minutes of your call, we will ether have an employee assigned and on their way or let you know when can expect their arrival.  No uncertainty or waiting.  Our guarantee.



Because Accent Global Staffing temporary help staff work only when you need them and we do all the required records, you'll eliminate most of the cost of additional employees from payroll taxes to vacations and fringe benefits. 


Below Are The Specific Industries That We Serve:

Healthcare Staffing

Technology Staffing

Manufacturing & Warehouse Staffing

Call Center Staffing

Hospitality including Hotels & Restaurants Staffing

We Are Committed To Service Excellence


Accent Global Staffing is operated by a team dedicated to providing each of our clients service excellence. Which is why small, medium and large organization call us for our staff hiring services.  Trust the expert!  


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