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We Make People Happy

We have an amazing track record of jobseeker placement, and have helped countless people get great positions since our establishment in 2000. Check out what our job-seekers had to say about us to see what working with us is really like. Contact us today to experience it for yourself.

Attractive Young Woman

Relocating was pretty tough to Atlanta. But when I got into Atlanta, I called around various agencies, but no job offers.  I called Accent Global Staffing, they asked me to go online and check out their job openings and then apply for a position that interests me.  I did that.  Within couple of days, their recruiter called me and sent me out on an interview.  I had a job offer and I'm very happy with this agency.  I will recommend them to any employer or job candidate out there.

Sandy Williams

Male Portrait

This is one organization that I will recommend to anyone seeking employment opportunities.  This organization worked with me and got me placed with a very good organization.  I'm loving it.  They got my recommendation anytime.

Casey Johnson

Worker with Blue Helmet

I am a warehouse manager. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I found myself jobless. I went to several employment agencies in the Northeast area of Atlanta to see if I can get placed. Most agencies want you to submit resume and after that nothing happens. Accent Global Staffing made it real easy and faster for me to get a good job with great benefits.  Give them a call if you are a job seeker.

Robbie White

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